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John Muir Exhibit - Presentation

John Muir Exhibit - Presentation

"The Inventions, though of Little Importance, Opened All Doors for Me": John Muir’s Years as an Inventor

Decades before the self-described “poetico-trampo-geologists-botanist-and ornith-natural” championed wilderness in the American West, he was the “Ingenious Whittler” on the Wisconsin frontier. Matt Blessing, State Archivist, will offer a visual presentation of John Muir’s early wooden contraptions, some of which dazzled visitors at the 1860 Wisconsin State Fair.

Unable to make it to the presentation? The exhibit is currently up and ready to view at your leisure anytime leading up to the presentation on September 27th.

Wednesday, Sep 27 2017
12:00PM - 01:00PM
Fireside Lounge (First Floor)