Please note the following policies regarding study room booking reservations:

  • A study room may be reserved for two hours up to five days in advance.
  • One study room may be reserved per day.
  • Online reservations must be made using a email address.
  • Reservations not claimed at the Public Services Desk within 15 minutes after the reserved time begins will be forfeited and the room made available to other patrons.

When you use a study room, you must abide by all study room policies.

To reserve a study room:

  • Available study rooms are listed in the left column of the availability grid in order of smallest to largest seating capacity. Hover over the information icon to view a description of a room.
  • Room availability is indicated by a green timeslot. Each timeslot is 30 minutes. Select up to 4 timeslots to reserve a study room for the full two hours permitted.
  • When you have selected your desired timeslots, submit the form below the grid. You will receive confirmation of your reservation via email.